Make sure your camping gear is strapped or locked to your motorcycle in a way that it can’t accidentally fall out of place! Losing gear and equipment can be expensive and dangerous if it comes loose while riding in the bundus.


Using Mountain-bike bicycle tow-straps works like a charm!

Here Are The Reasons Why:

  • Using a tow-strap is more comfortable to tighten
  • Tow-straps can be released and refastened which means its also reusable unlike cable ties that are a mission to cut
  • The tow straps are a durable material which means it lasts and is strong enough for secure fastenings.
  • Unlike sturdy, heavy-weight straps that cost a fortune, using bicycle tow straps are inexpensive.

Take your luggage situation seriously, think about how you’re positioning and securing bags and attachments to your bike.

Our Tips:

  • Use sturdy, bicycle tow-straps clips
  • Make sure that you pull those straps very, very tightly!
  • Position the release clamps and ends of the straps in locations where your body or other gear can’t accidentally loosen them
  • Don’t use bungee-type cords to secure your luggage unless its soft luggage in a safe position on your bike