These days, there are a lot of different Adventure Bikes on the market to choose from and selecting the right bike for your individual needs can be a challenge.


Your First Adventure Bike 

For your first Adventure Bike, you should look for something practical, affordable and fun to ride. There is no “Best Adventure Bike” on this list, selecting the best Adventure Bike always depends on each’s riding experience, budget and the intended usage of the bike.

Even if you have money burning a hole in your pocket, it’s still better to buy a lower-priced Adventure Bike. The more expensive bikes tend to be weighty and more specialised, and their performance and weight are often intimidating for new adventure riders. Discovering the sport of adventure riding might be more fun on a straightforward bike you don’t mind putting a few scratches on.

Choose An Adventure Bike that is versatile enough to allow you to explore different types of riding, so you can discover what kind of Adventure Riding you enjoy the most. You can always buy your dream Adventure Bike in a year or so after you have a better idea of what that is.