Mount your mobile -phone to your adventure bike for the best navigation experience

I found that RAM Mounts provides the most reliable and most durable mounts available for all your motorcycle accessories. Quit worrying about your phone falling out of your pocket, the patented ball-and-socket design ensures a firm hold with road vibration dampening and backed by a lifetime warranty. Whether you like to have your phone angled up, down, sideways, or flat, the adjustable viewing angle allows for any position your heart desires.

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Our Tips:

  • Get the GPS right up there where it’s visible,
  • puts the phone in a place where you can use one-button voice commands
  • Make sure mount is solid
  • Insert the RAM base with the ball in the position that works best for your final installation. I clocked mine fully to the left so it would place my device centered over the stem. This isn’t permanent, so if you don’t get it right, you can always adjust it later.
  • Tighten the base with the 3 mm hex key. You should tighten it until it is difficult to move the base. If it doesn’t tighten, remove the base and tighten a little and reinstall.


What do you use to fasten items on your bike?
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